Meet Anaya

Anaya has 30 years’ experience in the health industry, as a nurse, with over a decade’s experience in adolescent health, specialising in crisis and trauma including physical, sexual and mental health, suicidal ideation, drug usage, anxiety, stress, depression, homelessness, relationship issues, negative body image and food challenges.


Anaya works as a multi-modality holistic healer with years of experience and dedicated practices that assist her energy body and is passionate about helping self and others. Her life experiences and overcoming her own personal challenges uniquely position Anaya as a therapist.


Helping raise ones’ level of consciousness enhancing ones’ health. The journey into the heart and beyond.


Anaya has an ability to connect to the place where the client is feeling stuck, lost and in pain and assist them to move through it to a place of stability, strength and power. Working with clients experiencing trauma, her knowledge and life experiences provide a safe and nurturing environment to promote profound healing.


Her depth of understanding and compassion for her clients’ world come from personal experience and life challenges. Knowing what it feels like to be feel raw, lost, confused and disconnected, Anaya gets it.


By deepening into yourself, offering the opportunity to make positive life affirming changes to wellness, healing, having positive inner insights and be more able to make better choices along with becoming increasingly more present in your life.  All areas of Health are addressed.


Clients move through their issues faster when having had sessions with Anaya and, at times do not require ongoing sessions.


Combining Psychotherapy, and energy modalities to work holistically addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health within levels of consciousness bringing depth into help restore your levels of wellness.


Anaya has studied extensively and holds recognised qualifications and/or expertise in the following modalities:

  • Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Hatha Yin Yoga teaching training
  • Reiki Master
  • Colour Therapist
  • TFT Therapist
  • Archetype therapy
  • Chakra Rebalancing
  • Sound Healing
  • Advanced Qi Gong student and teacher
  • Division 1 Nursing qualifications and experience in a diverse range of areas: including metal and sexual health, emergency, haemodialysis, theatre, high dependency care, surgical and medical nursing, paediatrics, cardiac, burns, aged care and district nursing
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