Medical Medium Psychotherapy

A medical medium psychotherapy session provides an opportunity to explore any physical and emotional health conditions the client is facing, even if terminal illness is being faced. This work helps to bring an awareness of unhealthy ways of being, so that positive change can occur and raise ones level of consciousness.


Medical medium work is based on energy work. So what is a medical medium? A person who works with spirit and uses their intuitive abilities to find the cause behind a person’s physical or emotional conditions.


A session may involve talking or laying down, depending on the clients individual needs. We may choose to be silent or talking. We can also use psychotherapy, to begin to explore what is happening for the client. The medical medium energies work at a deep cellular level, addressing issues in the energetic and physical bodies where physical conditions may exist.


This work marries up the physical with Soul psychotherapy, Karma and level of consciousness. It assists to clear negative patterns, beliefs, habits that create illness by going beyond, behind and below the illness. A process of unfolding occurs into wellness in both the physical and psychological as the negative energies karmically clear.


The energies move beyond this lifetime into past lives, accessing and clearing energies at a deep cellular level, balancing Karma where what we have done to others, comes back to us to be rebalanced. The energies work within karmic laws and assist in accessing the gifts being delivered. If ready, the healing process will be delivered bringing balance and deeper into your soul and spirit.


Meditation is about clearing the mind and assisting inner balance. It helps with health issues, stress, depression and anxiety.


The practice of meditation trains the mind to be quiet so you can acknowledge its content and then work to improve realisations. Remaining the witness without becoming the content.


It can take many forms and shapes. Visualisation may open suppressed emotions to clear or it can be active. Meditation is calming on the nervous system and assists one to turn awareness within. Over time, it helps your awareness to become finer and clearer.


Guidance with a meditation teacher and or group can assist the deepening into a meditative state. Meditation is used within one on one therapy sessions to help enter deeper realms within. Building a personal daily practice allows you to access the many wellness benefits of meditation on a regular and ongoing basis to improve your quality of life.


Soul Psychotherapy assists people to move from lower negative and unhealthy ego ways of being, into life affirming and soulful ways beyond moving deeper towards psychological and spiritual truth.


Working with the levels of consciousness model from renown psychiatrist and spiritual teacher, Dr David R Hawkins, who through kinesiology has delivered a psychological and energetic map to follow towards enlightenment and the process of raising ones level of consciousness.


To raise one’s levels of consciousness one has to be ready and willing to look at  patterns and behaviours that are not serving them, that sit within both the conscious and subconscious, and are contributing to non wellness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


By accessing patterns, behaviours and emotions that feel negative, the charge can then be released, bringing your level of consciousness up and therefore raising your energy vibration. This assists in initiating, making and solidifying in life changing behaviours which brings balance within.


By connecting with your soul, you become empowered and realise a higher truth. You can increasingly live in a higher, healthier way through this deep connection of knowing yourself and how to be within soul. The more the Self within is reached and known, a deeper connection into soul and spirit is graced.

Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Yoga used in one on one therapy is an amazing, integral tool to assist in calming a hyper stimulated nervous system. It is fantastic for assisting in helping with anxiety and depression.


Yoga helps bring homeostasis into the cells. This assists in releasing negative physical and emotional blocks that create unwellness.


Yoga means “union”. It is a tool to help access, bring forth to clear negativity and blocks to higher wisdom and truths. Yoga is an integral way to assist the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to reach towards and enter purity. With yoga assisting purification, one can realise and live congruent with higher energies within.


YOGA IS for the SOUL. A way to reach the truth that IS within. It is food for the body, mind and soul.


Combining yoga with Soul Focused Psychotherapy is a powerful way to shift energies, stepping then into higher, more enlightened ways of being. Reclaim one’s power through the purification within yoga.

Crystal Bowl Healing

Crystal Sound Therapy is based on the principle that the pure sound vibrations of the crystal bowls can restore our physical and subtle bodies to energetic patterns of harmony, health and balance.


Crystal sound involves using pure sound generated by crystal bowls.

This involves using the pure sound generated by the crystal bowls to activate transformation at the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels.


When we are in a relaxed balanced state, it is easier for transformation and healing to occur.


The frosted classic crystal bowls are manufactured from 99.99% pure quartz crystal.

They have their unique character and tone.  They are called the “Purest” tone in the world and the sound has been called “Heavenly”.


Crystal Sound Therapy supports transformation of conditions and diseases from depression and feelings of exhaustion from cancer, chronic fatigue, HV, diabetes etc.


Any one in a state of being that is out of balance can be supported into a greater sense of wellbeing by the sound resonance of the crystal bowls.

The goal of Crystal Sound Therapy is to promote deep peace and relaxation, reduce stress and pain, develop self awareness and consciousness and to clarify personal vision.