Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy

How much do we really enter life? Are we skimming the surface or jumping INto life whole heartedly? How much life can enter our cells & heart? Are we singing & dancing within? Are we FREE within? Reflection within. Taking time to reflect is such a gift to ourselves,

We can spend much time in the dark not being aware we are in the dark hence missing life. Caught up in the drama of issues that often are what we believe is to be external to ourselves.

The outer is a mirror of the inner. It takes courage to really turn & look within, own & accept, being willing to tidy, change the inner. Then we are able to CONNECT more with life.

Darkness cannot & does not flow from a dark room into a light room. Light flows from a light room into the dark. The change to the dark room or space is amazing. The room can breathe,comes alive, expands, flows, is welcoming. LIFE enters.

How much darkness are we holding onto that blocks the light? What are we going to do about that?

Gosh it takes courage to begin to move. To make one small move towards opening a door to let light into a space that has not met light before. Inner WILL, a hunger to shift & change. “Enough is enough.”

There is no connection in the dark. Light is full of connection inner & outer. It is courage that helps to begin the journey out of the dark & into the light. The light waits to be invited in …. opened up to. Then it will enter & infuse.

“P” words help as a mantra. Patience Persistence Perseverance POSITIVENESS.

Take the first step ……………… MOVE forward & begin to open the door & let light IN. See how that feels. Choice. It is your choice. Freedom of choice IS the truth. Moving from FAITH into TRUSTING THE TRUTH into the KNOWN ….. then beyond.

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