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With over 30 years’ experience, Anaya connects to the place where clients are feeling stuck, lost and in pain and assists them to move through it to a place of stability, strength and power. Her knowledge and life experiences provide a safe and nurturing environment to promote profound healing. Anaya works as a multi modality holistic healer and is passionate about helping self and others. Helping to raise one’s level of consciousness, enhancing ones health and life. The journey into the heart and beyond

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A session with Anaya Grace is a unique experience.  Her sessions are deeply healing, incredibly nurturing and transformative. After the session with Anaya, I was blown away by my capacity to alter an eating pattern that was unchanged from childhood.
Low iron in my body meant I had very little energy and my body frequently wanted a ‘quick fix’ to get that energy.  Despite working diligently over the years to quit processed sugar (and I have) I was still eating way too much fruit and raw food treats that were high in natural sugar. My own discipline could not overcome eating these foods, despite knowing that the result would be spikes in energy followed by deep slumps.
Anaya worked energetically on my pancreas and located an energy in my pancreas that was ‘calling for sugar.’  She also talked to me about my mental thought patterns that support this energy being in my body.  By the conclusion of the session I had cheerfully agreed to quit ALL sugar for a month. No fruit.  No treats.  Giving my pancreas time to rest and assimilate a new way of being. This was a HUGE break through for me.  I was willing to do it.  I was excited about doing it.  If Anaya had asked me at the start of the session to do this, I would have said, “No way!”
Anaya’s extensive nursing background meant she could also provide me with healthier alternatives to eat during the day instead of the poorer choices.
I stayed off ALL sugar for the month.  Effortlessly.  It changed my world.
Thank you Anaya Grace, you have a rare and beautiful gift.

P. Allen

What does Anaya Grace do?

Anaya has worked for 30 years in healthcare which includes physical, sexual and mental health, drug usage, anxiety, stress, depression, homelessness, school – home – family – and friend relationship issues, and body image and food challenges.

Anaya combines this experience with her holistic healing approach which includes psychotherapy and energy modalities.

What are Anaya Grace's qualifications?

Anaya has studied extensively completing the Diploma of Mindfulness and Meditation at the College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy. She has also studied with Sally Louise Yoga completing the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher Training, and is a Reiki Master.

Other healing modalities include being a Colour Therapist, TFT Therapist, and she works with Archetype therapy, Chakra rebalancing, Sound healing, and as an Advanced Qi Gong teacher.

What can Anaya Grace bring to you?

Anaya is available to help you.

Anaya has years of experience and dedicated practices that assist her energy body to help you deepen into yourself, offering the opportunity to make positive life affirming changes to wellness, healing, having positive inner insights and be more able to make better choices in life.